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Wake Up to the New Year!

posted Jan 8, 2015, 6:37 AM by
This month, our wellness theme is "Wake Up to the New Year: Benefits of Breakfast".  You all may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it really is!  Breakfast not only jump-starts your metabolism for the rest of the day, it keeps you full and focused until lunch.  BONUS: we tend to include some more nutritious options (such as fruits, dairy, whole grains and eggs) into our day when we eat breakfast.  

Each week this month, the blog will feature a quick and easy breakfast recipe or information on how you can build a balanced breakfast in your ILC cafe.  

Up first is one of our dietitian's favorites--perfectly round eggs for English muffin sandwiches (yes, even on a weekday!).  Just follow these simple steps and, in the time you would spend waiting in the drive-thru, you can have a wholesome, homemade nutritious breakfast sandwich! 

First, start with a ramekin or small bowl (pictured: Fiestaware fruit bowl).  Spray with non-stick cooking spray or lightly coat with olive or canola oil.  Crack egg into bowl and lightly beat. 

Microwave on high for one minute, or until the egg is cooked through.

While egg is cooking, slice open 1 English muffin & toast, if desired. 

Remove bowl from microwave.  With a fork, gently remove the cooked egg from the bowl. (caution, bowl & egg will be hot)

(Yeah, it looks a little weird, but you should see how the egg patties at fast food joints look before they go onto your sandwich!)

Place egg on English muffin and top with desired toppings (pictured: baby spinach and goat cheese crumbles)


Variation:  Egg may be sliced in half and arranged horizontally on a tortialla for an egg burrito.  Simply spread ~1 tablespoon salsa on 1 medium corn, flour, or whole wheat tortilla and top with cooked egg and any other desired toppings (avocado, cheese, beans, bell peppers, etc).  Roll and enjoy

Eggs are certainly making a comeback after they were demonized for so long as being "too high" in fat and cholesterol. Now, we know the truth about these incredible, edible nutritionally-balanced gems!   Egg whites provide the protein (~7g per egg), while the yolk balances things out with ~5g of fat and key nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium and iron.  Clocking in at ~80 calories, an egg is the perfect addition to your breakfast, any day of the week. 

Next week, we'll share our favorite ILC Cafe breakfast combos!