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Kid Friendly Kitchen Tasks

posted Aug 18, 2017, 12:35 PM by Tracy Ducker, MS, RDN   [ updated Aug 28, 2017, 9:21 AM ]

Did you know kids can be great helpers in the kitchen? Studies have shown that when kids help you in the kitchen they are more likely to try new foods. Children like to touch and feel things so letting them ‘play’ with food may actually help them eat better. There are many age appropriate tasks that children can do in the kitchen. So grab your aprons.


2 year olds can:

·         Wipe tables

·         Tear lettuce or greens

·         Place things in the trash

·         Snap green beans

·         Rinse vegetables or fruits

·         Make ‘faces’ out of fruit and vegetable pieces

·         Help turn the pages of cookbook

3 year olds can:

·         Do everything a 2 year old can, plus

·         Add ingredients

·         Talk about cooking

·         Scoop or mash potatoes

·         Stir batter

·         Knead and shape dough

·         Help assemble pizza

·         Name and count foods

·         Squeeze citrus fruits

 4 year olds can:

·         Do everything a 3 year old can, plus

·         Peel eggs and some fruits

·         Set the table

·         Crack eggs

·         Help measure dry ingredients

·         Help make sandwiches and tossed salads

 5 year olds can:

·         Do everything a 4 year old can, plus

·         Measure liquids

·         Cut soft fruit with a dull knife

·         Use and egg beater


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