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Holiday Party Tips, From the Experts

posted Dec 11, 2014, 6:15 AM by   [ updated Dec 11, 2014, 6:27 AM ]
Last month, we shared our favorite holiday recipes.  This month, our nutrition experts are sharing their favorite tips for navigating those holiday parties. 

Nutrition and Marketing Director, Danielle Ballantyne, RDN, LDN:
Commit to exercise & drink plenty of water. 
"With all of the evening gatherings and busy days during the holiday season, I commit to doing my exercise in the morning because I know I am not as likely to do it later in the day. 
Plan to wake up an hour early to squeeze in your activity.  You'll be happy you did!" 

"Drink plenty of water during and after enjoying a moderate portion of holiday food items. This will help you to feel full and make you less likely to fill up on high-calorie appetizers and desserts." 

Registered Dietitian, Rachel Griffin RDN, LDN:
Stay on track when you aren't celebrating!  
"This is a big one!  I mark all of my family's holiday gatherings on the calendar and then adjust my lifestyle accordingly.  
This helps me to remember to say no to "extras" and heavy meals right before and right after a holiday party.  
When I've been more mindful of my intake before a party, I tend to savor and enjoy the treats at the party even more.  
It all comes down to being picky, only eating my seasonal favorites, and passing up on unplanned treats." 

Nutrition and Marketing Coordinator, Susan McGowan, RDN, LDN: 
Manage Your Portions!
"I usually try to do things like use a smaller plate when eating so I avoid huge portions. 
If I try a little bit of everything and then I am still hungry I will get a little bit more, this way I can gauge my appetite. 
You can always eat a little more until you are comfortable, but once you're uncomfortably full you're stuck that way for a few hours!"