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Grilling Safely

posted Jul 27, 2017, 1:18 PM by Tracy Ducker, MS, RDN

Summer is in full swing and so is outdoor grilling. While grilled foods taste great and keep the kitchen cool grilling can pose risks. Here are some safe grilling tips.

  •          Be sure the grill is clean
  •          Keep the grill a safe distance from the house, trees and other flammable objects.
  •          Use lighter fluid to start a charcoal grill not as an accelerant.
  •          Keep pets and children away from the grill and never leave the grill unattended.
  •          Close the lid of a charcoal grill to put out the fire
  •          For gas grills: check for leaks, and always turn propane tank off when not in use.
  •          Always light gas grills with the lid shut

To keep your foods safe follow these tips:

  •          Keep foods refrigerated until ready to grill
  •          Cook foods to the proper temperature (see below)
  •          Avoid cross contamination by putting cooked food on a clean plate, discarding marinades that came into contact with raw meat.
  •          Clean the meat thermometer between uses and between different foods – keep hot soapy water and paper towels/sponge/or rag outside with you to clean the thermometer.
  •          Keep perishables refrigerated or in a cooler with ice or keep grilled item warm on the grill away from the flame (so it doesn’t continue to cook but stays warm until ready to eat.

For more information on grilling safely check out this USDA video