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10 Nutrition and Fitness Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals

posted Jan 29, 2018, 9:23 AM by Tracy Ducker, MS, RDN

As January comes to an end, don’t let your health and nutrition resolutions and goals end too. If you find yourself slipping, try a new app or website to keep things fresh. Here is a list of some dietitian approved nutrition apps and websites:

Foodacate-(free for Android, iOS) by scanning a food label the app will alert you if it is a healthy choice.

Ingredient1 (free for Android) - this app can help you identify food products that meet your dietary needs. For example, if you avoid dairy it will show you foods in nearby stores that are dairy free.

Carbs Control ($2.99 for Android and iOS) - great if you have diabetes or are monitoring carb intake. It allows you to track carb intake and compare meals even has data from 300 restaurants. Not a huge database and only gives details on carbs, but will give you daily protein and fat percentages.

MyPlate calories tracker (free for Android and iOS but need subscription for full capabilities) – free version is basic but has a large database. You can sync up google fitness to track calories burned. There are graphs that display your progress towards reaching your goals.

Myfitness Pal (free for Android and iOS but need subscription for full capabilities) – you can create daily goals and customize carbohydrate, fat and protein goals. Has a massive database of 5 million foods including restaurant foods. Very basic capabilities without the paid upgrade.

UA Record (free for Android and iOS) – track your fitness workouts and connect to Myfitness pal for calorie intake and calorie expenditure. You can also connect to various fitness trackers.

Simple Feast (free for Android and iOS) – recipes using simple wholesome ingredients by chefs and nutritionists. There are various categories to choose from, like vegetarian, brunch, and seafood. The premium version has a Nutrition coach that will help you tailor the recipes to meet your own personal goals. 

Giox ($25/month for Android and iOS) - This is a great app if you don't like the gym or travel a lot. You can take classes anywhere from a live coach. The coaches do have access to your name, location, email and phone number. – a website where you can track calories and exercise, you can set weight loss goals, and monitor nutrient consumption. There are nice graphs to see your progress and get tips and support. – find recipes and nutrition information for many of our cafeteria foods so you can plan healthy lunches.

These apps and websites are only meant to help you reach your goals, these are only a sample of hundreds of apps out there. So, use this list as a starting point and hopefully one will fit your needs. If not,we are here to help you, stop by our table during our wellness visit or send us an email.